Thursday, 15 September 2011

Johann Hari apology: A brief round-up of views

Johann Hari has finally issued an apology in the Independent web site after being caught up in a plagiarism row over sections of his work.

It's been all over Twitter etc but, in case you missed it, he originally issued an apology on his own blog back in June.  This story gives all the background.

Alongside yesterday's apology he's also returned his 2008 Orwell Prize for Journalism and will not go back to the Independent until he's taken some journalism training.

Some commentators, of course, have their own opinions about this latest apology:
  • It's no surprise that Toby Young has a view.
  • And several tweeters link to Jeremy Dunn's blog where he's also taken a closer look at some of Hari's past work.
  • Press Gazette links the Hari case to press regulation and the culture of British journalism.
  • Meanwhile while Love and Garbage has its own Impersonal apology.
  • Fleet Street Blues, on the other hand, finds a tip on using quotes courtesy of The Wire.

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