Monday, 28 January 2013

Where to find advice on work experience in journalism

I had a quick roam round the web looking for some tips and thoughts on getting work experience - and making the most of it - for some journalism students I've been working with.       
    There's a note of caution on spending too long working for free, written by a press gazette intern. But short periods of unpaid work experience is still invaluable for newcomers and is a great way of getting that first break.
    Here's some of the most useful-looking links I've found. They're not brand new, but the advice is still helpful and relevant:
  • The Wannabehacks site is always a useful place to start. It has list of top placements from 2011. 
  • This forum on work experience and opportunities for new journalists has some recent comments and other entries.
  • Plus there's a few tips from Alison Gow, from a couple of years ago that still look relevant.
My own tips are:

Clarify what titles mean by work experience.
Some titles have you just doing admin; some give you more meaty stuff to do.

Try the less well-known titles too. 
Try the big name newspapers, magazines and websites by all means, but they can be over-subscribed. Some of the smaller set-ups, including trade magazines and websites, can sometimes find you a space - and can often give you a great chance to get a byline.

Volunteer and be willing to help. 
It might sound obvious but always offer to help out and ask "is there anything else you'd like me to do?" rather than just twiddling your thumbs.


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